Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions About the KC Workplace Mental Health Asessment.

Why should I complete the assessment? Can't I just read the recommended areas to focus on? 

By completing the assessment, you will receive a report personalized to your responses, so you can see where your organization is doing well and where you might focus your efforts. In addition, you will be helping the Chamber to compile a KC-region summary of employers' mental health-related practices. Results will be shared with all participants, and you can see how Kansas City compares to the national average.

What is the deadline for completion to be included in the KC-region summary? 
Feb 4, 2020

Am I the right person to complete this assessment for my organization? 
Anyone is welcome to participate. We are especially encouraging human resources, benefits, wellness, occupational health, diversity/inclusion, disability management, corporate legal, and executives to complete the assessment.

Can multiple people from the same organization complete the assessment? 
Yes.  You are welcome to pass the link to other colleagues in your organization. Comparing your assessment results could stimulate valuable conversation within your workplace.

What if I don't know about everything that we offer to our employees?  

No worries, just choose "I don't know" for those questions you're unsure of.

Will I get a confirmation that I completed the assessment? 
Once you have your results, click "Submit Assessment and Take Me to the Resources" to share your anonymous data with the KC Chamber.  

What if I get an error message when I try to submit my information? 

You may receive an error message if your computer firewalls prevent data transmission. Try completing the assessment on a different device. If you are still unable to submit the assessment, please send a screen shot of the error message to Nancy Spangler at

How long will it take to complete the assessment? 

It typically takes about 10-15 minutes.

Why do you need my email address?  

The information on the main page form, including emails, is part of a data capture for insights into strengthening the assessment in the future.  However, the emails and results data is not linked to an individual's responses. All information is confidential.

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