Kansas City Workplace Mental Health Assessment

A Joint Project by Healthy KC, the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, One Mind at Work and Mental Health America




The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s health and wellness initiative, Healthy KC, has partnered with three national groups – the American Psychiatric Association Foundation’s Center for Workplace Mental Health, Mental Health America, and One Mind at Work – to connect employers in the Kansas City area with information and resources on workplace mental health. This site is a localized version of the national Workplace Mental Health Assessment, a publicly available tool that helps employers assess the workplace, raise awareness, end stigma, build a mentally healthy culture, and improve access to mental health supports.  

The Kansas City assessment was designed with three specific goals in mind: 1) to learn more about regional trends in workplace mental health, 2) encourage the sharing and promotion of best practices and 3) to connect KC employers with national and local resources for building comprehensive workplace mental health initiatives.

Attention to workplace mental health is focused well beyond people experiencing mental health challenges. Emphasis on proactive, preventative approaches that improve employee health and well-being along with performance, productivity, engagement, and retention are equally important.  Just as “health” is not defined simply by the absence of illness, good mental health represents the ability to be a fulfilled and resilient member of the team. 

Employers can play a key role in positively impacting the mental health and well-being of employees while reaping benefits in improved productivity, increased retention, lower overall health care costs, improved performance, and more.  The opportunity to improve mental health at work exists at the organizational and employee levels.  

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